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Freshman learning new skills in soccer

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Freshman Maddy Motta may be new to the Laguna Creek lifestyle, but that does not mean she hasn’t made the choice to immerse herself in what the school has to offer.
Five years of prior experience outside of high school pushed her to join the Laguna Creek women’s soccer team, a choice she does not regret.
While soccer is not a new sport to her, she has been able to solidify her belief that soccer is the sport for her in many ways. Not only does Motta have the ability to gain skills on the field, she also can take everything she learns and apply it to her everyday life.
“Soccer really helps with all of our team building skills. I really enjoy playing and working hard as a team,” Motta says.
Though Motta’s time with the Laguna Creek team has been short so far, she has already been able to make some valuable memories and learn a lesson or two about what it means to be a part of a team.
Motta’s favorite moment occurred during the team’s fairly recent game with McClatchy, a tough competitor for just about any of the Laguna sports teams. While the team had very little hope of a victory, they still chose to press on and give the game their all.
Rather than take it easy and throw the game, the team tackled adversity head on and fought back against the McClatchy team as hard as they possibly could have. While the team may not have won the game, they did, however, manage to exceed the expectations of spectators as well as of themselves.
Motta says their coach was proud of them for competing so hard.
“Even our coach, Cory Clonce, said he was proud of us. He knew the game was going to be difficult and his pride in us really reinforced the fact that we were playing hard and working well,” Motta says.
Motta continues learning and growing as a player outside of her games as well.
Through extensive practicing, she has been able to conquer the fears and apprehensions she had over doing high dives as a goalkeeper.
“It was much easier than I was expecting, and the impact isn’t bad at all when you hit the ground right,” Motta says, knowing that all she had to do to overcome the doubt was give it a go.
Though her time on the Laguna Creek women’s soccer team has been short, Motta has already been able to grow and hopes she will continue this trend for the years to come.

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Freshman learning new skills in soccer