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School Loop is leaving LCHS

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Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, students and staff alike will find themselves using a new program in place of School Loop called Synergy.
While Synergy’s concept is similar to School Loop, it is a new platform entirely, and one that not many at Laguna Creek seem to know about.
Joel Gruwell, an economics teacher at Laguna Creek, says School Loop has been in use for years, even before he became a teacher at the school two years ago.
“School Loop has been used at Laguna Creek for a really long time,” Gruwell says.
In regards to the change, Gruwell says he is optimistic about using Synergy.
“If it makes things more efficient for those using it, then I am happy it is being done,” says Gruwell.
However, Julia Christian, who has been teaching social science at Laguna Creek for 12 years, is nervous about the transition.
According to her, not much information has been released about the transition other than the aforementioned name of this new program: Synergy.
The lack of information concerns her because she would like to know how to manage the new program before the next school year begins.
“I am nervous because I will need and would like to be prepared over the summer to use the new program,” she says.
However, she is interested to find out what this new Synergy program is and what will be different about it.
“It’s a big change,” Christian says. “We’ve been using School Loop for around 10 years now, so it’s definitely going to take some getting used to.”
Jubilee Ketsavong, a sophomore, feels as if School Loop is and has been helpful for her but only recently heard of the upcoming change to Synergy.
Although she finds School Loop helpful, Ketsavong feels neutral about the change.
“School Loop has always been a way for parents and students to keep up with grades and assignments,” Ketsavong says. “Hopefully Synergy does the same or better.”
Despite the differing feelings among staff and students about the change, one thing is clear: Laguna Creek will soon be saying goodbye to School Loop and hello to Synergy.

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School Loop is leaving LCHS