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LCHS receives high diversity ranking

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Recently, Laguna Creek High School was ranked as the second most diverse in the Sacramento area, third in the state of California, and 14th in the nation.
According to the U.S. News and World Report, Laguna Creek High School’s racial breakdown shows no significant differences between the amounts of black, white, Asian, and Hispanic ethnicities.
In fact, the percentage of American Indian, Alaskan Natives, Hawaiian Natives, and Pacific Islanders are at above average rates compared to nearby schools in the district and in the Sacramento region. The biracial and multiracial percentage is also high, at 6 percent. More than 77 percent of the student body belongs to a minority race.
This information is primarily based upon the demographics and quantities that the school provides. The government then compares the amounts amongst the district and nation.
The rates of Laguna Creek High School are generally unrealistic for diversity commissioners and those regulating the enrollment within the educational systems.
Many students find cultural diversity as a positive factor towards their learning and success.
Kenji Ellison, a junior and an IB Diploma candidate, believes that “diversity at our school positively affects our education.”
“Everybody has a unique point of view to share, which makes classes here at Laguna fun and different,” Ellison says.
Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning also suggests a similar idea.
“Students come to the classroom with different backgrounds, sets of experiences, cultural contexts, and world views,” the website states. “Thinking through notions of differences and how they affect the classroom allows students and teachers to see the classroom as an inclusive place.”
The center also believes diversity in the classroom is a large factor towards a student’s perception of “belonging” — a feeling that can increase or decrease participation, feelings of obligation or inadequacy, and further distract the student.
Therefore, learning in the classroom is positively impacted by the classroom’s diversity.
Laguna Creek High School’s demographic rates make our school a place where we can help each other learn and grow.
Being at the top of the charts for diversity in our school is a privilege, and it is our job to take advantage of our ranking and preserve the positive aspects of diversity in our learning environments.

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LCHS receives high diversity ranking