Junior Varsity Football

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Coach Ryan Nill looked out onto the field just as JV running back Alex Sanchez took the ball on a long touchdown run on the first drive of the game against Natomas.

Moments after that first run, Nill said to himself, “All right we can play some football.”

Ryan Nill the junior varsity coach had plenty to be nervous about  going into the first game since the team welcomed 30 freshmen to the Laguna Creek High School program this year — most with little prior football experience.

It would not unusual to expect a team with so many new players to struggle in the first few games, but the JV team has proven otherwise by winning their first game of the season 36-0. They now have a 4-2 overall record.

Part of the team’s success can be attributed to its offense.

Against Natomas, the offense put up points early and frequently in the first half, which gave coach Nill the opportunity rotate in more players.

“It’s important to us to get as many players as much playing time as possible” Nill said.

The rotations gave many first-time football players the chance to play in a game for the first time or some experienced players their first start in their high school career.

The team’s early success can also be attributed in part to the coaching experience and the years he spent watching his father coach the team. Now being able to coach alongside his father and other long time time friends will make for an exciting season.

Even though the coaches are enjoy each other’s company, they haven’t lost sight of the task at hand. The junior varsity team went on to win against Natomas and have wins over Florin, Valley and Burbank.

Despite the four wins so far for Laguna Creek coach Ryan Nill says that winning is not the main goal.

“We just want to get better, our main thing is we have so many freshman we just want them to get as good as they could be so that when they get to varsity that the varsity team can start winning and put up some big scores”.