A successful Club Rush: over 40 clubs and 500 kids participate

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The quad filled quickly on a Wednesday in September as students went from table to table to learn more about clubs on campus.

Club Rush is an annual gathering of all of the possible extracurricular clubs students can join.

Around 42 clubs were on display during the rush, according to the Laguna Creek High School ASB Co- President, Ramanjit Flora, who was in charge of the setup process. He made sure the stalls would be ready by lunchtimes, which was when students would be browsing the available clubs.

There were a variety of clubs on display.

Some of the clubs focus on the heritage and culture of students, such as the BSU or MECHA.

Other clubs focus on academic competition — Mathletes and Cyberpatriots. And along with these, some clubs are based around community service, like National Honors Society and Key Club, while on the other hand, some clubs are recreational in nature, based around the hobbies and interests of students. These can range from clubs like Outdoors Club to Film Club.

Technology seemed to be a big theme throughout the many different clubs. The leaders of these clubs, especially the leaders of the newer clubs, used social media to promote their clubs. Using apps like instagram, these clubs are able to promote their club to those who would be interested, according to Tyler Delnero, an officer of Outdoors Club. These clubs promoted themselves the old fashioned way as well, setting up posters all over campus.

Delnero explains that the clubs communicate with their own members through messaging apps, such as Discord and Remind. All of these are an effort seen throughout the majority of the clubs to have students connect with one another, even outside of school campuses.

After all is said and done, Flora said there were more clubs this year than during previous Club Rushes, and predicted that around 500 students would join a club.