Teacher starts “LagunAmazing”

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Back in February 2018, a new program was introduced to Laguna Creek to help students get digital reminders and to give attention to students and staff who have done something amazing at the school.

The program is called LagunAMAZING, and it is designed to remind students about school events and sports games.

“This works both ways because it reminds students to go to sports events and helps those who play in them feel appreciated and supported,” said Aneka McKean, a social science teacher who started the program.

Students often fail to remember what they learned and the human brain is wired to forget, according one study. People forget 77 percent of what they learned in six days based on the study by Work Learning Research.

LagunAMAZING is designed to solve that problem.

Another goal of this new platform is to expose students to school events so students know what is going on and to make them involved, says McKean.

Besides being a digital platform, LagunAMAZING can be found around the school in the form of posters and flyers. You can find a “plethora” (one of McKean’s favorite words) or a lot of posters and flyers posted around the school which contain inspirational quotes and ways to get in touch.

LagunAMAZING can also be found outside the school.

Students can look up LagunAMAZING by using the program’s Remind101 and Instagram accounts to stay in touch with students.

Remind101 is an application that can be downloaded for free on mobile smartphones. A remind code can be found on posters or flyers hanging around in the school. The application allows the person who runs LagunAMAZING to text students digital reminders and schedules for the following week.

LagunAMAZING also has an Instagram account that posts events, reminders, and also showcases student achievements at Laguna Creek. This Instagram account shares news about the school and what is happening lately making sure students are aware of the events that occurred at Laguna Creek.

This is project of love for McKean.

“This school and community is so dear to my heart and helped me grow into the person who I am today. Everyone who is a student, staff member, alumni, family member of Laguna is LagunAMAZING. They are the only reason this exists and my mission is simply to showcase all wonderful people and bring joy throughout our school,” McKean says.