Moving to Russia

Laguna Creek junior skips senior year to pursue college abroad

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It all started with a trip to the counselors office in order to discuss her now senior year. Her mom and her have been talking about going to Russia for a long time so this was a really big step in order to do that. They discussed it with Miss Severtson first to come to disconcerting that it would be possible. “It was like a whirlwind,” said Tatiana. One minute Ms. Syvertson locked out of the room in then actually came back and saying OK you’re going to graduate.

This means that she will be going to college next year. “I want to study physics and become a teacher”, Tatiana says. She loves the teaching environment and explaining things to kids.

Since it is a hard subject, she has also been getting guidance from Mr. Collins. “He has been such a great help through this. He lets me explain things to the kids if they ever need help and will answer any questions that I have”, Tatiana says.

“I’m very excited to go but it is going to be very challenging to go to school there”, says Tatiana. “Unlike the other students however I don’t have the years of experience with their academic language. That has been a huge learning curve in order for me to gain that understanding. I am fluent in the language, but i need to fully understand how they are going to speak in textbooks.”

She wants to attend Russia’s Polytech University in St. Petersburg.

She says that all though this is a very exciting thing, there are some risks involved. “I don’t have true citizenship, so the biggest worry is that i don’t get into college. I don’t know what would happen then.”